Fourth Tip: Hire a Real Estate

a real estate agent discussing with a couple

Once finding a specific price range and getting approved by a loan officer you will want a real estate agent to help you meet your goals. Your real estate agent could help you with your price range, give you the knowledge, research, marketing tactics, and negotiation skills to help you with your plans when buying…

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Third Tip: Get a PreApproval

a miniature house with a stamp pre-approved

Once you start looking for a home and check your credit score you should seek pre-approval from a lender for a home loan. Pre-approvals allows the lender to analyze some of a borrower’s credit profile information to determine if they meet specified lender characteristics. This is where you meet with a loan officer, ideally a few…

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Second Tip: Know Your Credit Score

a colored graph

As a first time home buyer, you will need to know your credit score and see if you’re in good standing. Your credit score is a statistical numerical summary of your credit report. This is personal financial data that indicates how well you’ve paid off past debts such as credit cards or loans.  A credit…

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First Tip: Budget Your Money

a woman showing something on paper to an elderly couple

The first step as a first time home buyer is to figure out your finances and start to budget your money. Buying a new home requires a mortgage, where a lender loans you money and you pay it back over time. You can calculate a monthly home payment to help you decide what kind of…

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First Time Home Buyer Tips

front view of a house with a garage

When you are starting to get into the process of buying a house it could seem very complicated. You might not know how to start or not know which important thing should be focused on first.   You should know you are not alone and when asking for help their aren’t any questions that you ask…

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